Application of hydroxyethylcellulose in Coating Industry

Latex paint with thickener, must be compatible with emulsion polymer compounds, otherwise it will have a trace of mesh lines. And will produce not. Reversible microparticle agglutination, which can decrease the viscosity and coarse the granularity. Different types of thickener will change the charge of the emulsion, such as cation thickener will produce irreversible effect on anion emulsion. HEC

The ideal thickener for latex paint thickener should have the following properties:
  • (1) Low dosage and good thickening.
  • (2) Good storage stability, which will not reduce the viscosity due to the action of the enzyme. And the viscosity will not decrease due to the change of temperature and pH.
  • (3) Good water retention, no obvious foaming phenomenon.
  • (4) There is no side effects of scrub resistance, luster, force and water resistance.
  • (5) The pigment will not flocculation.HEC

The thickening technology of latex paint is an important measure to improve the latex quality and reduce the wood growth. Hydroxyethyl fiber chick is an ideal thickening agent, which has a multifunctional effect on the thickening. Stability and rheological state regulation of emulsion paint. In the process of latex coating production of hydroxyethyl jovisso (HEC) as a dispersant, thickener and pigment for suspension. Make product viscosity stability, sensitive less block, dai film smooth dry whole. Also can make latex coating has good rheology, can withstand high shear strength, and can provide good: good fluidity, scratch resistance and pigment uniformity.HEC

At the same time, HEC has excellent construction, with HEC thickened latex paint has false plastic, so with brushing, rolling, filling, spraying and other construction methods, has the advantages of labor saving and not easy to drop, flow hanging, flying Kan and so on. HEC has excellent color display, for most colorants and connecting materials ability. There were no adverse effects on Xu membrane.


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