The reason of external wall putty powder and how to solve the powder phenomenon!

There are many reasons for the internal and external wall putty rubber powder peeling powder. Including raw materials, construction reasons, unreasonable formula design and other reasons. According to our years of research and production practice and long-term construction practice, do a detailed analysis. While combined with our practical brief talk about solutions and preventive measures.

The adhesive strength of putty is not enough to cause powder, the manufacturer blindly reduce the cost. The adhesive strength is poor, the amount of addition is small. Especially the inner wall putty, the size of the adhesive strength. Powder does not remove powder and the quality of glue powder and glue have a great relationship. Choose a good glue powder directly affects the quality of the putty. A good glue powder is the real EVA float etherification and base, high bond strength, good film formation

The design formula is unreasonable, and the problem of material selection and structure are very important in the putty formula.

For example, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) to do the inner wall is not waterproof putty. Although HPMC is very expensive, but to double fly powder, talc powder, silica limestone powder and other filling material does not work.

Mixed mixing is uneven, is also the main cause of the internal and external wall putty powder. Some manufacturers in the country to produce putty rubber powder equipment is simple, various. Not special mixing equipment, mixing is uneven, cause putty powder.

The error in the production process causes putty depowder. If the mixing mixer has no cleaning function, with more residue. The CMC in ordinary putty will react with the gray calcium powder in waterproof putty, and the CMC and CMS in the outer wall putty will react and cause depowder.

The cause of the weather is a cause of wall putty powder, such as wall putty. In some parts of the north drought dry climate, good ventilation, putty finish film fast, not take off powder, and not in the south. Especially south some areas have plum rain weather, long wet, putty film is bad. Can also take off powder, so this area to adapt to add putty calcium powder waterproof putty.


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