Synthesis and properties of hydroxyethyl cellulose-based hyperabsorbent materials

High absorbent resin is a new functional polymer material, with a strong water absorption Moreover ability and water retention ability, has been widely use. Compared with starch and synthetic highly absorbent Moreover resins, cellulose hyperabsorbent resins are less studied. The synthesis and properties of hydroxyethyl cellulose-based highly absorbing materials were studied.

1.Hydroxyethylcellulose grafted acrylamide was synthesize by solution polymerization with the potassium persulfate sodium bisulfite as the initiator methylene. (HEC-g-AM) highly absorbent resin. Discuss the reaction moreover mechanism of grafting polymerization; study the influence of reaction temperature, crosslinker dosage, initiator dosage. AM and HEC ratio, sodium hydroxide concentration and dosage on high absorbent resin. Use IR, TA and XRD methods to study the Moreover relationship between material of structure and performance. The experimental results show that the appropriate reaction conditions. Crosslinker dosage and initiator dosage (relative monomer mass percentage) are 0.06% Moreover and 0.9%, respectively. The multiple of the absorbent distilled water Moreover and 0.9%NaC1 solution was 1360g / g and 115g / g.2, respectively) was base on the highly absorbent material.

2.At 7% (percent monomer mass), the Moreover multiple of solution were 1120g / g and 105g / g, respectively. The amount of crosslinker decreased and initiator increased compared with the preparation conditions of HEC-g-AM. Moreover, the thermal stability of the material is improved.

3.The swelling behavior of HEC-g-AM, HEC-g-A M/Si0 two highly Moreover absorbent materials in and different of organic solutions was studied. The experimental results show that the higher the of concentration of the salt solution,decrease of the Moreover organic solvent concentration in the water. The thermal behavior of the absorbent gel material by DSC moreover showe a gradual increase with water content.


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