Properties of hydroxyethyl cellulose and its oilfield applications

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), which as thickening, suspension, dispersion and water loss, is widely use in many industrial sectors. Especially in oil fields, HEC has performed very well in drilling, completion, workover and fracturing processes. Mainly use as a thickener in saline water, in addition to many special applications.

The Application of HEC in the Oil Field

Drilling fluid with HEC is usually use for hard rock drilling and circulating water leakage loss control. Excessive water loss, abnormal pressure, and uneven shale layers. In the drilling and large well hole drilling process, the application effect is also very good. Because HEC has thickening, suspension, lubrication and other properties. Use in drilling mud, it can cool iron chips and drilling chips, bring cutting pests to the surface, and improve the rock carrying capacity of the mud. Shengli oilfield once used it as a well hole to carry sand liquid, the effect is remarkable, and put into practical. In the underground, when a very high shear rate is encountere.

Because the HEC has a unique rheological behavior, the viscosity can be close to the viscosity of the water locally. Improve the drilling speed, and make the drill bit is not easy to heat, prolong the service life of the drill bit: on the other hand. The drilling hole is clean, has a high permeability. Especially in the hard rock layer structure, this effect is very obvious, can save a lot of materials. It is generally believed that the drilling fluid cycle at a specific rate depends largely on the viscosity of the drilling fluid. Can significantly reduce the hydrodynamic friction, thus reducing the demand for pump pressure. In this way, the sensitivity of well leakage is also decrease. In addition, the starting torque can be reduce when the cycle is restored after shutdown.

HEC potassium chloride solution combined with drilling fluid can improve the stability of the well hole. Keep the uneven rock formation in a stable state to relax the requirements for the casing. This drilling fluid also further improves the rock carrying capacity, limiting the diffusion of drilling ings.


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