Relationship between putty powder and cellulose

Why is putty powder stirring thinner after adding water?

Cellulose as a thickener water-retaining agent in the greasy application. Due to the touch degeneration of the cellulose itself, the addition of cellulose in the putty powder also leads to the putty after adding water produce touch degeneration. This tactile degeneration is caused by the destruction of the structure of the loosely bound components in the putty powder. This structure is generated at rest and is disassembled under stress. That is, viscosity decreases under agitation and viscosity recovers at rest.

What is the batch scraping process?

The occurrence of this kind of situation is generally use with the cellulose viscosity is too high. Some manufacturers use 200,000 to do putty, so to make the putty because of the high viscosity, so the feeling of hair heavy when batch scraping. The recommended addition amount of the inner wall putty is 3-5 kg, and the viscosity is 80,000-100,000.

Winter and summer with the same viscosity of cellulose to make putty and mortar why feel the viscosity is not the same?

Due to the thermal gel nature of the product, the viscosity of the product will gradually decrease with the increase of temperature. When the temperature exceeds the product gel temperature, the product will precipitate from the water, thus losing the viscosity. Summer room temperature is generally above 30 degrees.

Which is already a lot different from the winter temperature, so that the feeling of viscosity is low. It is recommende that in summer in the product application, try to choose a high viscosity of the product, or increase the amount of cellulose. And then there is to choose the product gel temperature of high products, try to choose MK brand products. The gel temperature of this product is generally above 70 degrees. Try not to use methyl cellulose as far as possible, its gel temperature is about 55 degrees.


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