Knowledge about redispersed latex powder

Redispersed latex powder is a vinyl acetate and a binary or ternary copolymer of VeoVa or ethylene or acrylate, after spray drying modified emulsion powder, it has good redispersion, redispersed into an emulsion when in contact with water, and its chemical properties are exactly the same as the initial emulsion. Can disperse latex powder is made at first of polymer emulsion by spray drying, mixed with water in mortar, meet water emulsion dispersion, to form a stable polymer emulsion, can at first disperse latex powder emulsion dispersion in water, water evaporation, form polymer film, improve the performance in mortar, different dispersed latex powder to dry mortar has some different effects.RDP&VAE

Product application:

1. Exterior wall thermal insulation system:

Bonding mortar: ensure that the mortar will at first firmly bond the wall and the EPS board. Increase the bond strength. Finish mortar: ensure the mechanical strength, cracking resistance, durability, and impact resistance of the thermal insulation system.RDP&VAE

2. Filling agent:

Let the mortar have the impermeability, prevent water intrusion. At the same time with the ceramic tile edge has a very good adhesion and low shrinkage rate, flexibility. Tile refurbishment and wood plastering putty: putty to improve on the special substrate (such as ceramic tile surface, Mosaic, composite plate at first and other smooth surface) adhesion and bonding strength, to ensure that at first the putty has a very good flexibility to strain the expansion coefficient of the substrate.RDP&VAE

Masonry and plastering mortar:

Improve water conservation. Reduce at first water loss to porous substrate.RDP&VAE

4. Cement-based waterproof mortar:

Ensure the waterproof performance of the mortar coating, and have a very good bonding force with the base surface, and improve the compression and folding resistance of the mortar.RDP&VAE


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