(CMC)Application of carboxymethylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in baked foods

Increasing the temperature of CMC solution, the solution viscosity decreases, but when the temperature drops to the original temperature, if the heating temperature and time is long (e. g., 1259C, 1 hour). The solution viscosity decreases due to cellulose degradation. This situation, such as food sterilization appears. Basting food includes many kinds: such as special bread, various cakes, pies, pancakes and so on.

When making bread, cakes and other products, the dough is based on the material, because the is instant. Can quickly combine with different ingredients, quickly get a sticky dough. In some cases, the use of to adjust the ingredients, most of the water to add more points. CMC per gram, water between 20~40, the amount of varies with the product, generally 0.1~0.4% of the solid.

CMC can improve the dough and distribution of ingredients, such as raisins or crystal fruit. These ingredients can be evenly distribute in the product during baking.

In many cases, the supplementary water can when baking. Getting soft products, or even for several days, so the can slow down the products. Because the interior contains more soft particles, they usually show that the volume of the product increases. Can improve the tissue structure of filling, supplement, icing, while avoiding the dehydration and contraction of filling, and can control the icing of sugar crystallization. In soft products, and HPC stabilize the structure, which can be use alone or used together.

Use HPC as chocolate particles to avoid softening when frozen.


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