Study on hydrophobic / water resistance of redispersed polymer latex powder

Redispersed polymer latex powder (hereinafter referred to as. Latex powder) refers to the polymer milk obtained by the polymerization of the emulsion. The liquid, dried by spray into a powder, the powder adds water to form a stable polymer emulsion, and has similar properties to the original emulsion.RDP&VAE

Latex powder and cement combination can be widely use in building ceramic tile binder. Exterior wall insulation and finish system, bonding and mineral based finishing mortar of plaster-based products, artesian flat ground leveling layer, waterproof mortar, and sand repair. Pulurry and clay repair mortar can also be use in wall batch materials, cement-base powder coating and other fields. RDP&VAE However, latex powder added a certain amount of protective colloid or surfactant in the production process. So that latex powder has strong hydrophilic and sensitivity to alkali, resulting in due to its poor water resistance in the application process, it is difficult to play its excellent performance. Therefore, the author uses silicone powder as an additive to modify the latex powder. And discusses the hydrophobic and water resistance of the modified.RDP&VAE

silicone powder additive can significantly improve the hydrophobic and water resistance of latex powder. And increase the wet strength of latex film.

With the decrease of silicone powder additive particles. Silicone powder is more likely to enrich to the surface in the film formation process of modified latex powder film forming. Forming a surface layer with good hydrophobicity, which makes the hydrophobic and water resistance effect of latex powder better.RDP&VAE


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