Performance mechanism of redispersed latex powder cellulose ether defoaming agent

The properties of the anti-crack mortar layer in the wall insulation system are inseparable from the added polymer admixture. There are many kinds of admixtures, and each admixture has its own unique effect and properties. But the interaction of various admixtures on the properties of mortar cannot.

Different from the traditional anti-crack mortar by adding admixture or shrinkage compensation material to meet the function of crack resistance method. This study through the use of steel slag sand micro expansion and high wear resistance characteristics of dry mixing mortar. And through the redisperse latex powder, cellulose ether and deflusion agent on mortar performance. Select the appropriate admixture type and dosage, is suitable for wall insulation system, can reduce the engineering cost.RDP&VAE

On the other hand, it can also save energy and resources. Turn waste into treasure, solve environmental pollution and other problems, and has a good market prospect.RDP&VAE

First of all, the particle size and dosage of the steel slag sand. And then the changes of the three important admixtures and the properties of the mortar are studied and compared, and their action mechanism is explaine accordingly.RDP&VAE

The research shows that the following:

 When the particle size of the steel slag sand is less than 0.6mm, the anti-crack mortar can be prepare by replacing 100% of the river sand, and meet the stability requirements;

Through the waterproof modification of the pure acrylic redispersion latex powder can make the steel slag sand anti-crack dry concrete mortar show more excellent performance, and the glass transition temperature of high pure acrylic latex powder makes the mortar to obtain better flexibility;RDP&VAE

Changes in the viscosity of the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ether were produced.RDP&VAE


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