(CMC)What is the current development status of sodium carboxymethylcellulose

If we want to develop carboxymethyl cellulose then is the need to raw material processing. Before China found manufacturing carboxymethyl cellulose source has been present to provide such a state, in this case. Our country use we can often see the straw and some waste cotton and then processing. Eventually can produce carboxymethyl cellulose Now the carboxymethyl cellulose we see has improved and improve. And adopted a lot of new processes, and the use range of carboxymethyl cellulose is also very wide. Many environments and many products are also use in carboxymethyl cellulose, so the development prospect of carboxymethylmethyl cellulose is a good one at present.(CMC)

Application of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in daily chemicals:

Water-soluble cellulose ether —— carboxymethyl cellulose is usually an anionic type of polymer compound by natural cellulose after reaction with caustic soda and monochloroacetic acid, generally as white or microyellow flocculent fiber powder or white powder. Carboxyl carboxymethyl cellulose sodium has thickening, emulsification, shaping and preservation functions. Often used as main body binder, thickening agent, or anti-deposition agent, etc.. Can to washing powder, washing agent, hand cream, shampoo, toothpaste, powder, powder, honey, lipstick, hair conditioner, chemical curling effect, exfoliative mask and other detergents and cosmetics, etc.(CMC)

Toothpaste is a thick slurry. Contains more than 50% friction agent, such as calcite powder, calcium carbonate, etc. In order the precipitation of powder and easy grinding, carboxymethyl cellulose is often add as an organic adhesive. The addition of a certain amount of Na-modified bentonite to the formula, the carboxylmethyl cellulose and Na-bentonite showed a good synergistic effect, which could increase the tactile degeneration of the toothpaste, significantly improve the use of the paste, and also decrease the sensitivity of the paste to temperature.(CMC)


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