Knowledge and application of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC

Low-viscosity cellulose ethers are widely use in self-leveling. Self-leveling is a very progressive ancestors of the ground groundbreaking skills, all the ground in the environment of very few construction staff natural leveling. Compared with the previous manual leveling process, flatness and groundbreaking speed have greatly improved. Since the flat dry mixed slurry coaxed the hydroxypropyl methylmethyl cellulose excellent water retention. Due to the current flat requirements mixing symmetrical slurry can be automatic flat on the ground. So the water used is larger, add HPMC. And after it will control the appearance of water retention, water, after drying the strength of the ground is higher. The addition of hydroxypropancellulose also provides viscosity and fluidity and pumping and improve paving efficiency.

Underwater antiloss concrete:

Binding: HPMC, as a high-performance binder, is use in pigments, paper making, tobacco products and ceramic products.

HPMC material can adjust the width of the index, and products of different viscosity have different application sizes. Low viscosity products are mainly use for film forming materials, and can improve tablet solvent. For example, HPMC aqueous solution viscosity should not be less than 3cp, which will not have enough strength, but the viscosity is mainly use as suspension and thickening agent.

Cellulose ether has important properties, thickening, outstanding water solubility, invariance, protect colloid, film formation, bonding performance, touch, etc., it is the cellulose ether has these important properties, make cellulose ether in oil exploitation, textile, synthetic detergent, mining, paper, food, medicine, cosmetics, paint, building materials, polymerization and aerospace and other fields has wide applications, has the reputation of “industrial monosodium glutamate”.

In building materials, the amount of HPMC is very small, only 0.1% ~1%, but the role is irreplaceable, can be used as paint tablets, paste, mortar and cement products, plasticizer, cement agent, water retention agent, gas induction agent and retarder, played the role of growth and ease, water retention or bonding force between the lower layer.


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