(RDP&VAE)What is the scope of flexible dispersed latex powder?

Redispersed latex powder products are water-soluble redispersed powder at first divided into ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate / tertiary ethylene carbonate copolymer, copolymer and so on, spray drying powder adhesive, their application range is extremely wide.Chinese name, can disperse latex powder, belong to, water soluble can disperse powder include. At first, Ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymers, features, water resistance, construction. Performance characteristics, has the outstanding bonding strength, give mortar excellent alkali resistance, mortar adhesion adhesion, folding resistance strength, waterproof, plasticity, wear resistance and construction, application field, ceramic tile adhesive, external wall insulation system bonding mortar, external wall insulation system plastering mortar, ceramic tile joint agent.Artesian cement mortar.(RDP&VAE)

At first due to the flexibility of the polymer, the. Deformation ability is much higher than the cement stone rigid structure, the deformation performance of mortar, the effect of dispersed stress, thus the crack resistance of mortar, with the dispersed latex powder mixing, suitable for water conservancy, port engineering, highway, Bridges, metallurgy, chemical, industrial and civil buildings such as steel structure and reinforced concrete structure, anti-corrosion protection and repair engineering.(RDP&VAE)

Are special waste rubber crusher, medium crushing machine. Such as the midsole of shoes mixed with 100 or even more, used in building materials.Such as laying sports field, laying rail bed foundation, shock absorption, noise reduction and so on, etc.

Scope of application:
  1. Building structure concrete reinforcement, civil air defense facilities waterproof and plugging.
  2. Reservoir dam, port anti-seepage treatment.
  3. At first, Thermal pool, landfill, chemical warehouse, chemical tank and other chemical corrosion prevention buildings.
  4. Concrete repair of pavement, bridge deck, tunnel and culvert.
  5. Industrial and civil building roof, toilet, basement prevention and leakage treatment.
  6. Steel structure and reinforced concrete are waterproof.
  7. Can construct directly on the base surface.


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