(HPMC)How to use hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose correctly?

In fact, you only need to mix the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose immediately with the water, and after setting it into a viscous adhesive, the reserve can be done.(HPMC)

When equipped with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose paste, first add a certain amount of neat water in the seasoning main cylinder containing the mixing device, under the condition of opening the mixing device, evenly and slowly pour it into the seasoning main cylinder, constantly mixing, so that it is combined with the water.

It should be noted that when melting hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, it should be spread evenly, and continuously mixed, “in order to better avoid the problem of agglomeration, agglomeration, reducing the melting amount of CMC and water meet”, and improve its melting rate.

The time of mixing and the time of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose melting are not consistent, which are two definitions. Generally speaking, the time of mixing is much shorter than the time of CMC melting, and the time required is depending on the details.

The refined cotton cellulose was treated with the alkali solution at 35-40℃ for half an hour, pressed, and the cellulose was crushed and appropriately aged at 35℃, so that the obtained average polymerization of the alkali fiber was within the desired range.The alkali fibers were put into the etherification kettle and propylene oxide and chloromethane were added successively for etherification at 50 – 80℃ for 5h with a maximum pressure of about 1.8MPa.Then add the right amount of hydrochloric acid and oxalic acid washing material to 90℃ of hot water to expand the volume.Dehydration by using a centrifuge.Wash to neutral and dry at 130℃ when the material is less than 60%.


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