Basic information on dispersed latex powder(RDP&VAE)


Can disperse latex powder is made of polymer emulsion by spray drying, mixed with water in mortar, meet water emulsion dispersion, form stable polymer emulsion.

which improves the wear resistance.An external force creates a relaxation without destruction.

Polymer film can exist in the mortar system for a long time.

Improve the mortar construction and workability

Improve the bonding strength and cohesion of mortar After the redispersed latex powder.

High tensile strength and adhesive strength can be formed on different substrate.

It plays an important role in the bonding force of mortar and organic materials (molding plate, extrusion plate) and smooth surface substrate.

The film-forming polymer glue powder is distributed in the whole mortar system as a reinforcing material to increase the cohesion of the mortar.

Improve the weather resistance of mortar, freezing and thawing resistance, to prevent mortar cracking

The redispersed latex powder belongs to the thermoplastic resin rubber powder, has a very good flexibility.

Can make the mortar should change to the external hot and cold environment, effectively prevent the mortar due to the change of temperature difference and cracking.

the polymer resin adhesive film will not be twice dispersed after encountering water, to prevent the invasion of water, improve the impermeability.

The enhanced type with the hydrophobic effect can disperse the rubber powder, and the hydrophobic effect is better.

Heavy and make the brittle and hard cement mortar becomes elastic

The mortar that can redisperse latex powder is much better than that of tensile and anti-folding indexes of ordinary mortar.


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