When HPMC incorporation is very small, it has a great influence on the water demand of mortar.In maintaining the fresh mix of mortar

When the expansion degree is basically the same, the HPMC mixing amount and the mortar water demand change into a linear relationship in a certain period of time, and the sand dosage is less than 0.025%, with the increase of the dosage, the same expansion, mortar demand, which shows that dosage has water reduction effect on mortar, HPMC has gas diversion effect, mortar has a large number of small independent bubbles, these bubbles play a lubrication role, improve the fluidity of mortar.

When the mixing amount is more than 0.025%, the water demand of mortar increases with the increase of the mixing amount, which is due to the mesh structure of HPMC is further complete, and the intellectual coagulation gap on the molecular long chain is shortened, which has the effect of attraction and cohesion, and reduces the fluidity of the mortar body.

Therefore, when the expansion degree is basically the same, the slurry surface shows that the water demand increases.

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