Application of HPMC to Building Materials(HPMC)

1. Tile-tile adhesive

(1) Easy to dry and mix ingredients, will not produce clumps, improve the application speed, improve the construction performance, save working time, reduce the work cost.

(2) To improve the tile efficiency and provide excellent adhesion effect.

2. Stretsian flat ground materials (HPMC)

(1) Provide the viscosity, which can be used as an anti-sedimentation aid.

(2) Enhance the pumping capacity of liquidity, improve the efficiency of ground paving.

(3) Control the water retention and contractility, and reduce the crack and shrinkage on the ground.

3. Water-based coating (HPMC)

(1) Prevent solid precipitation and extend the container period of products.High biostability, and excellent compatibility with other components.

(2) Improve fluidity, provide good splash resistance, hanging resistance and smoothness, and ensure excellent surface finish.

4. Wallpaper powder(HPMC)

(1) Quick dissolution of no clumps, conducive to mixing.

(2) Provide a high bond strength.

5. Squtrusion uded cement plate

(1) With high bonding and lubrication, enhance the processing performance of extrusion products.

(2) Improve the raw billet strength, promote the hydration curing effect, and improve the yield.


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