Re-ble latex powder(RDP&VAE)

Form Redispersed latex powder is usually white powder, but a few have other colors.Its ingredients include: Polymer resin: located in the core part of the rubber powder particles, is also the main component that can redisperse latex powder.

Additive (inside): with the resin together to play the role of a modified resin.

Additives (extra): Add additional materials to further expand the properties of redispersed latex powder.

Protective colloid: a layer of hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of redispersed latex powder particles, the vast majority of the protective colloid of redispersed latex powder is polyvinyl alcohol.

Anti-blocking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent glue powder from blocking during storage and transportation and to facilitate the flow of glue powder (dumped from paper bags or tanks).

Folding action The latex powder can be dispersed into the film and enhanced as a second adhesive;

The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (after forming the film will not be damaged by water, or “secondary dispersion”); Membrane polymer resin as a reinforcing material distribution and the whole mortar system, thus increasing the cohesion of mortar; In wet mortar Improve the construction performance;

Improve liquidity energy; Increase tactile ability and pituitary resistance.Improve cohesion;

Extend the opening hours; Enhance water conservation.

After curing mortar Improve the tensile strength; Increase the bending resistance strength;

Reduce the elastic modulus; Improve the deformability;

Increase the degree of material density; Increase the wear-resistant strength; Improve the cohesion strength; Reduce the carbonization depth;

Reduce the material water absorption; Make the material has excellent water retention (add water retention rubber powder


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