Safety issues of hydroxyethylene cellulose(HEC)

Hydroxyxycellulose is mainly used in ophthalmic and topical preparations.

Hydroxycellulose is usually considered non-toxic and non-irritating.

The results of rat acute toxicity and subacute toxicity test showed that hydroxyxycellulose was not toxic.

Hydroxyxycellulose is not absorbed and not hydrolyzed in the gastrointestinal tract of rats.

Although hydroxycellulose can be used as an adjuvant for oral pharmaceutical preparations, it has not been approved for direct use in food.

Allyoxal-treated hydroxyethylene cellulose should not be used in oral drug preparations and topical drug preparations used for mucosal administration.Hydroxyxycellulose should also not be used for injection preparations.

Hydrocellulose is insoluble in most of the organic solvents.

Do not associate with the corn protein.

It can be partially used together with the following water-soluble compounds: casein, gelatin, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, and starch.Hydroxyxycellulose can be used in combination with many water-soluble antimicrobial preservatives.However, the addition of sodium pentachlorophol immediately increased the viscosity of hydroxycellulose solution.

Hydroxyethylene cellulose is more compatible with the soluble electrolyte, although some salt solutions can precipitate it. Commodity Natrosol is dissolved in most of the 10% salt solution (except sodium carbonate and sodium sulfate).

Dissolved in many 50% salt solutions, but the following salt solutions are exceptional: aluminum sulfate, ammonium sulfate, diammonium bisphosphate, disodium bisphosphate, iron chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium ferrocyanide, sodium metabeborate, sodium nitrate, sodium sulfite, sodium phosphate, and zinc sulfate.Usually Natrosol 150 is more compatible than Natrosol 250 in a salt solution.Hydroxyethylcellulose with some fluorescent dyes or fluorescent whitening agents, as well as quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant also have contraindications, can increase the viscosity of aqueous solution.

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