Usage of hydroxyethyl cellulose(HEC)


Use of hydroxyethylcellulose in latex paint

  1. Add directly to grinding the paint: this method is the simplest and takes a short time.The detailed steps are as follows:
  2. Add appropriate purified water to the drum of high cutting mixer (generally, glycol, wetting agent and film forming agent are added at this time)
  3. Start stirring at low speed and slowly add hydroxyethyl cellulose
  4. continue to stir until all particles are wet
  5. add mildew agent, PH regulator, etc
  6. Stir until all hydroxyethylcellulose is completely dissolved (the viscosity of the solution increases significantly) before adding other components in the formula and grind until paint preparation.

Equipped with mother solution: this method is first equipped with a high concentration of mother liquid, and then added to the latex paint, the advantage of this method is greater Flexibility, can be directly added to the finished paint product, but must be properly stored.The steps are similar to the steps (1) – (4) in method.

The water temperature and the pH value in the water are obviously related to the dissolution of hydroxyethyl cellulose, so special attention should be paid.

.Wherever possible, add mildew prevention as early as possible.

When using the high viscosity model hydroxyethyl cellulose, the mother liquid concentration should not be higher than 2.5-3% (weight meter), otherwise the mother liquid is difficult to operate.

 Factors affecting the viscosity of latex paint

The more the air bubbles remain in the paint, the higher the viscosity.

Is the amount of surface activator and water in the paint formula.

In the synthesis of latex, the residual content of catalyst and other oxides is low.

  • Amount of other natural thickener in paint formula and proportion to hydroxyethylcellulose.

Whether the step order of adding the thickener during the lacquer making process is appropriate.

The humidity is overheating due to excessive mixing.

Microbial erosion of the thickener.

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