Use of hydroxyethylcellulose in latex pain(HEC)


1.Add directly when grinding the paint: this method is the simplest and takes a short time.

The detailed steps are as follows

(1)Add appropriate purified water to the drum of high cutting mixer

(2)Start stirring at low speed and slowly add hydroxyethyl cellulose

(3)continue to stir until all particles are wet

(4) add mildew agent, PH regulator, etc

(5) Stir until all hydroxyethylcellulose is completely dissolved

(the viscosity of the solution is significantly increased) before adding other components in the formula and grind until paint preparation.

2. Equipped with mother liquid wait: this method is to first equipped with a higher concentration of mother liquid

and then added to the latex pain

 the advantage of this method is greater Flexibility, can be directly added to the finished paint product, but must be properly stor. In Procedures and Methods 1 and Methods 1 Step similar

the difference is no need for high cutting mixer, only some power enough to keep the hydroxyethyl fibers evenly dispersed in the solution.

Continue stirring until completely dissolved into a thick solution.

It should be noted that mildew proof must be added to the mother solution as soon as possible.

3. With porridge phenology: because organic swimming agents are bad swimming agents for transethyl fiber cable, so these organic solvents can be used Ingredients to equip them with porridge.

The most commonly used organic solvents such as B 2 drunk, C 2 drunk, and winning agent

so ice water is often used with organic liquid, equipped with porridge.Poromous hydroxyethylcellulose can be added directly to paint.In porridge, hydroxyethylcellulose is efferated.

When the paint, immediately solution, and play a thickening role.

Stir stirring until the light ethyl fiber is completely clear and uniform.General porridge is made of six organic solvent or ice water mixed with a hydroxyethyl cellulose, about 5-30 minutes later

hydroxyethyl fiber case is hydrolyzed and obvious rise.

Summer general water humidity is too highshould not be used for being equipped with porridge.

Since hydroxythyl cellulose is a processed powder particle, it is easy to operate and dissolve in water as long as the following matters are paid attention

1 Before and after the addition of hydroxyethylcellulose, it must be mixed until the solution is completely clear.

2 It must be slowly screened into the mixing bucket and do not add large quantities of massive and spherical hydroxyethyl cellulose directly into the mixing nan.

3 The water temperature and the pH value in the water are obviously related to the dissolution of hydroxyethyl cellulos

so special attention should be paid.

4 Do not add some alkaline substances to the mixture before the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder is soaked with water

Increase the pH only after soaking wet Values can help to dissolve.

5 Wherever possible, add mildew prevention as early as possible.

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