Basic uses and dissolution methods of carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC)

Basic use

1. Drilling and well excavation projects for oil and natural gas

① mud containing CMC can make the well wall form a thin and strong, low permeability filter cake, and reduce the water loss. After

② adds CMC to the mud, the drill can get low initial cutting force, making the mud easy to release the gas wrapped in it, and quickly abandon the debris in the mud pit.

③ drilling mud, like other suspended dispersions, has a certain period of stability and extension after the addition of CMC.

④ contains mud that is rarely affected by mold, and therefore does not need to maintain high PH and use preservatives.

⑤ contains CMC as a drilling slurry cleaning fluid treatment agent, which can resist the pollution of various soluble salts.

⑥ contains CMC mud with good stability and reduces water loss even if the temperature is above 150℃.

2. can be used as dirt adsorbent in synthetic detergent; glycerol solution of CMC in toothpaste industry is used as glue base of toothpaste, pharmaceutical industry as thickener and emulsifier; water solution is used as planktonic dressing after bonding.

3. Adhesive agent, plasticizer agent, glaze medicine suspension agent, color fixing agent that can be used in the ceramic industry.

4. For building, to improve water retention and strength

5. For the food industry, the food industry adopts high displacement degree as ice cream, canned, instant noodles thickener, beer foam stabilizer, etc., and thickener, such as jam, sugar juice, fruit dew, sherbet, snacks, ice cream drinks.


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