Can distinguish the quality of dispersed latex powder(RDP&VAE)

As a powder adhesive, the flexible latex powder is widely used in the construction industry and can be reused

The quality of dispersed latex powder is directly related to the quality and progress of construction, along with the domestic building energy saving market

Rapid development, into the research and development of latex powder products more and more enterprises, users have more choice

The bigger, but it also makes the quality of the latex powder become mixed and mixed.There is no lack of some

Manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, regardless of the quality standards, shoddy, and even some to fake true, with the general resin rubber powder hit

Can be dispersed latex powder under the guise of low sales, not only disrupted the market but also deceive consumers.

How to distinguish the quality of redispersed latex powder? The following Hebei yibang is to share a few preliminary ways to identify the quality of redispersed latex powder:

1. Judging from the appearance: cover a small amount of redispersing latex powder thin and evenly with a glass bar

On the surface of the glass plate, the glass plate is placed on the white paper to visually examine the appearance of the particles, foreign objects and coagulants.The appearance of redispersing latex powder should be white, free flow and uniform powder, with no stimulating odor.Quality problems: abnormal color of latex powder; containing impurities; rough particles; pungent smell;

2. Judgment by dissolution method: take a certain amount of redispersed latex powder and dissolve it in 5 times the quality of water, then stir well and rest for 5 minutes before observation.In principle, the less precipitation to the bottom layer, can redisperse latex powder.The better the quality.This method is simple and easy to do:

3. Judging from the ash content: take a certain amount of redispersed latex powder, weigh it and place it in a metal container, heat it up to about 600℃. After 600℃ of hot burning, cool it to room temperature and weigh it again.Light weight and good quality.Analysis of high ash content, improper raw materials and high content of inorganic substances.

4. Judging by film formation method: film formation is the root of mortar modification function such as bonding, poor film formation is usually caused by excessive increase of no unit or improper organic composition.Good quality can redisperse latex powder at room temperature has outstanding film formation, room temperature film is not good, mostly have polymer or gray quality questions.Test method: take a certain quality of flexible latex powder, dissolve in 2 times the water, stir well and stand for 2 minutes, stir well again, pour the solution on a flat clean glass, glass placed in the ventilated back shade.

When fully dry, remove it.Observe the uncovered polymer membrane.High transparency and good quality.Then make a moderate pull, with good elasticity and good quality.Then the film is cut into strips, soaked in water, 1 day after observation, the less quality dissolved by water is good.This approach is much more objective.The above is only a simple method, can not completely identify the good or bad, but can carry out a preliminary identification.

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