Basic information of redispersible Polymer powder.(RDP&VAE)

Redispersed latex powder products are water-soluble white or white-like liquid powder, ethylene, vinyl acetate copolymer, with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid.

Recommended use

Tile binder

External wall insulation system bonding mortar

External wall insulation system plastering mortar

Tile sewing agent

Artesian cement mortar

Internal and external wall flexible putty

Flexible crack resistant mortar

Rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar

Dry powder coating

For flexibility by the higher requirements of polymer mortar products


It has outstanding waterproof performance, good bonding strength, increase the elasticity of mortar and have a long opening time, give mortar excellent alkali resistance, improve the mortar adhesion / viscosity, folding strength, plasticity, wear resistance and construction, in flexible crack mortar has strong flexibility.

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